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WKPP’s Energy Debating Competition

WKPP’s Energy Debating Competition

October was indeed a busy and exciting month for the JEP/WKPP Corporate Social Responsibility Team. Just in case you missed the highlights from WKPP’s inaugural Energy Debating Competition, here’s a complete review – enjoy!


Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) and West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP), the island’s largest Independent Power Providers (IPPs), have for the past 20 years, devoted substantial time and resources to implement programmes geared towards the welfare and academic advancement of our nation’s youth. This year, WKPP deemed it necessary to add another exciting initiative to its Corporate Social Responsibility portfolio which was to host its first ever Energy Debating Competition!

The competition comprised eight secondary schools from Western Kingston who articulated various arguments on topics regarding the energy sector. The schools include Dunoon Park Technical High School; Wolmer’s Boys School; St. George’s College; Tivoli Gardens High School; Kingston College; Clan Carthy High School; Kingston High School and St. Andrew Technical High School.

A welcome and training session for the students and teachers was held on Friday, September 14, 2018. The purpose of the training was to introduce the students to the competition; provide motivational talks and presentations courtesy of JEP/WKPP representatives, as well as a tour of the WKPP facility.

On Thursday, September 20, WKPP, home of Jamaica Energy Partners, transformed to host the launch of the competition. Under the theme, Young Minds Powering Jamaica’s Energy Future, JEP’s affiliate company provided students, teachers, sponsors and other distinguished guests with a complete overview of the competition implemented to provide students with a platform to express their views; develop their reasoning skills; boost their confidence; and gain insight into the energy sector.

Exciting, Energetic, Electrifying, are just a few words to describe Round One of WKPP’s Energy Debating Competition!

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, arguing the moot, “be it resolved: climate change is a hoax”, Wolmer’s Boys School went head to head with Kingston College; St. Andrew Technical High School with Tivoli Gardens High School; Dunoon Park Technical High School with Clan Carthy High School; while St. George’s College faced off Kingston High. Although all eight teams delivered their arguments coherently and with confidence, the judges awarded St. Andrew Technical High School; Wolmer’s Boys School; Dunoon Technical Park High School and St. George’s College victors in the feat.

WKPP’s New Business Development Engineer, Delano Mighty, was the moderator for all four matches, while internal judges Kevin Francis, WKPP Property & Special Services Manager; Jermaine Scott, WKPP Mechanical Supervisor; and Conrad Miller, JEP Technical Services Manager (Acting) ensured that the teams’ arguments were technically sound.

Another riveting set of matches!

Dunoon Park Technical High and St. George’s College, victors of Round Two, advance to the Finals.

On Thursday, October 12, Dunoon Technical Park High School, the opposition, challenged St. Andrew Technical High School in the semi-finals of WKPP’s Energy Debating Competition, arguing the moot – be it resolved: Natural Gas is the best source of alternative energy.

After minutes of delivering proposing/opposing arguments from the respective teams, Dunoon came out on top and advanced to the grand finale held on Thursday, October 18, at Spanish Court Hotel.

St. George’s College (STGC) too reserved their spot in the final match after opposing the Natural Gas moot. STGC defeated Wolmer’s Boy’s School following the delivery of intriguing and well-researched arguments about Natural Gas as well as a solid rebuttal regarding their stance that it is not the best source of alternative energy.

The Most Anticipated Match of them all!

Dunoon Park Technical High School vs St. George’s College

After two rounds of successful matches and impressive speeches from the energy debating teams, the month-long competition concluded with the final match and awards ceremony at the Spanish Court Hotel.

On October 18, Dunoon Park Technical High School and St. George’s College vied for the first place trophy arguing the moot: “Be it resolved: Jamaica is not doing enough to protect the environment.” Off to a great start, the first and second speakers from both teams presented their arguments seamlessly! The spirited team from Dunoon Park Technical High School provided facts as to why Jamaica is doing enough to protect the environment, while St. George’s College countered the argument, emphasizing that this was not so.

Following the first half of yet another exciting match, it was time for the teams to prepare their rebuttals and it was soon time for the moment everyone was waiting for. After two powerful rebuttals and the judges’ deliberations, Dunoon Park Technical High School received their happy ending as the 2018 WKPP Energy Debating winners! Well tried St. George’s College! In honour of Dunoon’s impeccable performance and St. George’s College admirable sportsmanship, both teams were granted an energy tour in Panama with JEP. The teams also received trophies, medals, various gifts from the sponsors and certificates of participation along with the other participating schools.

Young Minds Powering Jamaica’s Energy Future

This energy debating competition has been a great and memorable experience for WKPP and its sponsors. We are honoured to have been able to expose students to topics within the energy sector to influence career choice; increase knowledge of factors surrounding energy generation and distribution, and to demonstrate the importance of energy as the driving force of any economy. WKPP would like to express its deepest and most sincere gratitude to Wartsila; IMCA Jamaica Limited; CL Environmental; Stewarts Auto; Sagicor; Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica; Island Car Rentals; Half Moon Jamaica; Barnaby Engineering and ZAZA Trucking for sponsoring this event. In addition to our sponsors, we would also like to acknowledge the participating schools, teachers and judges. Thank you for making this competition powerful; electrifying and exciting. Thank you for making it a success!

Through this initiative and other projects, the company continues upholding its commitment and relentlessly pursues new strategies and programmes that will uplift, impact, and shape the future of our students. Jamaica Energy Partners will partner with West Kingston Power Partners in 2019, to host what we expect to be another successful staging of this worthwhile initiative.

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