Jamaica Energy Partners | WKPP Energy Debaters visit Ciudad de Panamá!
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WKPP Energy Debaters visit Ciudad de Panamá!

WKPP Energy Debaters visit Ciudad de Panamá!

Do you remember how exciting the energy debating competition was? The students did a terrific job delivering their arguments – especially the champions from Dunoon Park Technical High School and the second-place winners from St George’s College. Immensely proud of their performance and impeccable sportsmanship, our President & CEO, Mr Wayne McKenzie, granted both school teams a tour of the great Panama City!

The week-long excursion took place in November, where JEP/WKPP Public and Community Relations Specialist, Melissa Newman, guided the energy debaters on a tour of the country famous for its 48-mile canal. Among the renowned sites to see was Panama Viejo Historical Monument Complex, located within the modern city of Panama. The students took in much about the history of the country and were able to view and learn about sacred paintings and other artefacts.

WKPP looks forward to the second staging of our debating competition, which will include more topics centred around renewable energy and will continue to assist with the educational and personal advancement of the 2018 and 2019 energy debaters in every way possible.

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