Jamaica Energy Partners | Misty Bliss – an unforgettable cultural experience!
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Misty Bliss – an unforgettable cultural experience!

Misty Bliss – an unforgettable cultural experience!

You missed out on an epic cultural event if you were unable to attend this year’s staging of Misty Bliss! Hosted by the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust (JCDT) at the Holywell Recreational Park, this annual celebration showcases various local talents who participate to display their creations.

Exhibitions included a variety of Jamaican cuisine, native painters, locally made beads and other artefacts. Jamaica Energy Partners has been a long-standing sponsor of this event through its relationship with the JCDT. The Trust is responsible for protecting our mountain ranges as well as to educate the public regarding our cultural heritage.

Photo: Locally-made items on display at JCDT’s Misty Bliss

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