Jamaica Energy Partners | Kingston
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West Kingston Power Partner 65MW Power Plant Project

Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) has been a private supplier of electricity to the Jamaican power grid since 1995, as a result of an agreement with the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS). JEP operates two power barges, namely Doctor Birds I and II, with combined generating capacity of approximately 124MW; this is approximately fifteen percent (15%) of Jamaica’s installed capacity. Their first power barge, Doctor Bird I, a 74 MW power barge was commissioned in 1995 whilst the most recent addition was a 50 MW power barge, which was commissioned in 2006. Both these barges have medium speed diesel generating sets. JEP, over the last fifteen years have established an inevitable track record of reliability and efficiency.

Project Description

JEP’s latest project is the “WEST KINGSTON POWER PARTNER (WKPP) 65 MW POWER PLANT”, which consists of the construction and commissioning of a land-based, 65MW Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Power Plant in the West Kingston area. With the addition of this 65MW generating capacity, JEP total generating capacity will be increased to approximately 184 MW making it one of the major suppliers of electricity in Jamaica.


To deliver the required power generating capacity, JEP will be implementing 6 x 11 MW Wärtsilä 12V46 Medium Speed Diesel Units.

Project Location

The project site is located along Marcus Garvey Drive on what is known as the Hunts Bay lands, just east of Universal Freight Handlers. The site is bordered to the north by the old Western Wastewater Treatment Facility, east of Seprod Jamaica Limited and west of the minor road, Industrial Terrace.


Marcus Garvey Drive is found within the Parish of Kingston and St. Andrew and within the Hope River watershed. It is located approximately 1.5 km west of downtown Kingston and approximately 1.0 km east of Petrojam (Fuel Oil Supplier).