Jamaica Energy Partners | JEP/WKPP’s 21st Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony a Success!
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JEP/WKPP’s 21st Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony a Success!

JEP/WKPP’s 21st Annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony a Success!

On Friday, July 27, 2018, Jamaica Energy Partners commemorated its 21st annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony!

JEP has been committed to the personal and academic advancement of our youth for the past 20 years and WKPP since 2012. The Independent Power Producers (IPPs), through the efforts of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, thus take pride in investing time and resources into hosting the awards ceremony annually, to reward students for their academic achievements over the years.

In the 2018 Scholarships press release, Mr. McKenzie shared the significance of this programme through the following statement: “Since 1997, our Scholarships Programme has been quite impactful: not only have we contributed to nation-building but have assimilated some of our recipients into our core business in the departments of HR, Engineering and Finance. It is with pride that we ensure the sustainability of our assets and have placed people in a critical position to contribute to nation-building through medicine, education, finance and engineering – all consistent with our country’s 2030 plan. We continue to make a positive and enduring mark in the lives of our nation’s youth through not just education, but in any way we can.”

Mr. McKenzie also encouraged the students to keep striving for success, and inspired parents to continue to support and nurture their children throughout these key years of their lives.
This year, both companies granted scholarships to 38 students to assist them with tuition and other educational expenses for the 2018-2019 academic year. Those eligible for this scholarship are students who achieved academic excellence and reside in the West Kingston and St. Catherine areas.

GSAT awardees received scholarships valuing J$175,000 each, and each tertiary student, $1,000,000 or grants of J$720,000 for the duration of their schooling. For the scholarship to be re-awarded, secondary students have to maintain a B+ average; tertiary students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. The companies also awarded two top achievers who are children of current employees: both students received scholarships valuing J$60,000 each.

WKPP and JEP together dedicated 11 million to this educational initiative, which accounts for approximately 50% of the CSR budgets.

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