Jamaica Energy Partners | JEP/WKPP Now Accepting Scholarship Applications!
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JEP/WKPP Now Accepting Scholarship Applications!

JEP/WKPP Now Accepting Scholarship Applications!

Jamaica Energy Partners and West Kingston Power Partners believe in the advancement of our nation’s youth and, that through education, we can contribute to the development of more sustainable communities and further advance our country. With over J$50 Million invested in education since 1997, we confidently continue to secure Jamaica’s future. We therefore encourage persons, both new and repeat applicants, to capitalize on this great opportunity by applying for a JEP or WKPP scholarship today.

This year, scholarships totalling J$11 million will be jointly disbursed by JEP and WKPP. PEP and tertiary students between the ages of 13 and 21 years old may apply for assistance with tuition and educational materials. JEP and WKPP understand the financial burden experienced by our youth and their parents. To this end, GSAT awardees will each receive scholarships valuing J$175,000 and tertiary students, $1,000,000 or grants of J$720,000 each for the duration of their studies. For the scholarship to be re-awarded, secondary students must maintain a B+ average while tertiary students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. The companies will also award two top achievers who are children of current employees. 

All 2019 scholarship recipients, including the JEP/WKPP internal achievers, will be recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at the annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony slated for July 2019. Students are also acknowledged on our website and social media platforms.

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