Jamaica Energy Partners | JEP, WKPP, & JPPC impact lives through infrastructural development on Labour Day
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JEP, WKPP, & JPPC impact lives through infrastructural development on Labour Day

JEP, WKPP, & JPPC impact lives through infrastructural development on Labour Day

On May 23, 2019, Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) and West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP) celebrated 22 and 5 years respectively of empowering the communities of Old Harbour Bay and Western Kingston respectively through their annual Labour Day projects.

This year, the recently acquired Jamaica Private Power Company (JPPC) joined JEP and WKPP in labouring for a worthy cause within the companies’ social impact areas. Labour Day for the leaders in private power generation is more than mobilizing a team to work; it involves assessing the needs of the people and institutions within our respective communities, to execute projects that will enhance our environment and impact lives.

Due to the extent of each project, the energy companies commenced work two weeks in advance with the aim to complete on Labour Day. This year, WKPP installed a restroom for the disabled by the accident and emergency area at KPH. The aim of this project is to ensure that persons with disability gain prompt access to a restroom; prior to this there was none in that area of the hospital. In addition, to improve appearance and create a safer walkway for patients, nurses and doctors, WKPP volunteers also applied a fresh coat of paint to the bridge. A further three hundred feet of roofing atop the landing which links the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee Maternity Hospitals were replaced. This bridge serves as an important pathway to transport patients comfortably between both hospitals.

Affiliate company JEP also continued its Labour Day Project at Prophecy Basic School, which included beautifying the school through painting, as well as repairs in various classrooms and the canteen. The JEP team also carried out beautification of the schoolyard and construction of a play area, which will guarantee a safe and more conducive environment for students during learning and play time. JPPC resumed the renovation of the Windward Road Post Office, which entailed painting and other repairs inside and outside the compound.

JEP, WKPP and JPPC are honoured to execute this level of infrastructural development within our communities. The work has impacted the health, education and postal sectors, which are major pillars under our robust corporate social responsibility portfolio. Thank you to all volunteers, we are grateful for your hard work and dedication. And to our communities and partners: thank you for the opportunity to give back!

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