Jamaica Energy Partners | JEP Pumps over J$700,000 into Local Environmental NGOs!
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JEP Pumps over J$700,000 into Local Environmental NGOs!

JEP Pumps over J$700,000 into Local Environmental NGOs!

JEP supports the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) annually in aid of their efforts to deliver environmental education and advocacy programmes in Jamaica. JEP has been on JET’s board since 1997. This year JEP contributed J$350,000 to the local NGO.

Jamaica Conservation Development Trust (JCDT), a renowned NGO in JamaiPermalinksca, is responsible for protecting our mountain ranges, which are also a UNESCO world heritage site. Since 1997 JEP sits on JCDT’s Board of Directors, makes annual contributions and is involved in ongoing reforestation efforts in the mountains range. JEP has also contributed J$375,000 towards this initiative.

Did you know that Down’s syndrome is the most common disorder of the human chromosome? Children with Down’s syndrome grow more slowly and may have a variety of health challenges. It is present in 1 out of every 800 live births.
To ensure that they are supported, respected and accepted, the Jamaica Down’s Syndrome Foundation (JDSF) provides information and assistance to the families of children with Down’s syndrome. As an inclusive business, one that contributes to poverty reduction and is dedicated to the development of sustainable communities, JEP takes pride in aligning itself with programmes/initiatives that seek to impact the less fortunate and marginalized.
Over the years, JEP has been committed to making sure that these children can achieve their highest potential, and therefore has contributed to the hosting of JDSF’s benefit concert slated for March.

Supporting local talent is another focal part of JEP’s corporate social responsibility portfolio. The St Catherine Festival Queen Coronation Show, a JCDC contest, is one such event that provides a platform for young women to showcase their talent and vie for the title of Festival Queen.
Beauty is not the only judging factor in this competition as the ladies are required to be abreast of local and international current affairs, to be knowledgeable of Jamaican history and to participate in volunteerism. JEP not only makes a monetary contribution annually but also offers support by attending the show.

Late last year, JEP invested in the construction of a greenhouse as a way to supplement the current school feeding programme at the Giblatore Primary School. This also served as a great opportunity to teach the children about the importance of a greenhouse and the benefits of using this technology.
The school has since reaped a crop of bright red tomatoes, much to the delight of the children. Plans are underway to plant sweet peppers there soon.

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