Jamaica Energy Partners | JEP donates to Jamaica Society for the Blind
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JEP donates to Jamaica Society for the Blind

JEP donates to Jamaica Society for the Blind

“The worst thing is to be born sighted, but lack vision.”- Helen Keller

These words are inscribed on the walls of the Jamaica Society for the Blind and are quite fitting mainly because unscrupulous persons use their vulnerabilities against them. Theft is a major issue that workers and students of the NGO have to contend with frequently, and the assumption that the institution only offers remedial intervention for blind people is far from the truth.

It is for this reason, Executive Director, Conrad Harris, sought assistance from JEP to help with the acquisition of a camera system to improve the visibility of target areas.

JEP donated and installed the cameras as well as purchased a monitor to allay the fears of those persons attending the institution. JEP hopes that with this installation, incidents of theft and illicit activities will be reduced.

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