Old Harbour Bay, Jamaica

Doctor Bird Power Facility

JEP owns and operates two power barges, Doctor Bird I and Doctor Bird II. The Doctor Bird I and Doctor Bird II power barges are each self-contained floating facilities with eight and three medium speed diesel engines, respectively. They both have the capability to use diesel and heavy fuel oil; also know as "bunker C" fuel.

Doctor Bird Power Barge IAcquired 1995

The barge at the time cost approximately US$ 96 million and was at that time the most advanced floating power plant produced in the world. Doctor Bird I was developed as a fast track project in 1995 due to the fact that there was an increasing demand on the power supply and at the time there had been no additional base load capacity to the national grid for a number of years. The need for additional capacity intensified when in June 1994 the Jamaica Public Service Company lost 123 MW of capacity due to a boiler explosion at Old Harbour Bay. Power shortages resulted in a number of load shedding that proved disruptive to the country's productivity. In order to ameliorate this problem the Government planned to augment the installed power capacity to 230 MW. As a result of this Jamaica Energy Partners was able to offer its services to the Jamaican people by providing 74.16 MW. The power from the eight Wartsila diesel engines were sold to JPSCo, our sole customer under a twenty (20) year Power Purchase Agreement.

The initial net electrical output was 74.2MW generated by eight reciprocating engine generating sets on one barge. The company's generating capacity was expanded in March 2006 with the addition of three generating units totalling 50.2MW on a second barge, which is located about 300 yards from the original. This brings the total present net electricity capacity to 124.4MW generated by eleven generating sets, located on two floating barges. Today, JEP is the largest IPP and produces almost 20% of the electrical energy on the Island's Power Grid.

Doctor Bird Power Barge IIAcquired 2006

On January 11, 2006 JEP welcomed an addition to the Doctor Bird family when Doctor Bird II, a 49.5 MW power barge was towed and moored to its home in Old Harbour Bay, produced by three medium speed Wartsila diesel engines. With this added capacity the output from both barges will result in a total generating capacity of 124.4 MW. The new barge is located approximately 300 feet alongshore from the existing barge. The newest and best technology was employed in the construction and design of Doctor Bird II, the facility boasts the most recent environmental technology and a superior rate of fuel consumption, and the latest in diesel technology the "Miller Cycle" for engine timing. JEP is particularly proud of this addition of 49.5 MW that cost approximately US 60 Million Dollars. Doctor Bird II represents the second partnership with JEP and Wartsila Diesel Development Corporation.