3PM Foundation

3PM International Foundation mission is to assist in community development through training and leadership projects, by way of exposing inner-cities and urban communities children to the Behaviour Modification, Training and Leadership Development Initiative Model.

What is also exceptional with this initiative is that not only do they seek to impact the children, but also teachers and child care givers by exposing them to core elements of behavioural therapy and behaviour modification techniques. They intend to sustain this programme through evaluation techniques, where the participant's information will be retained, charted, and evaluated for impact after which an Impact Assessment will be conducted. Financial Sustainability will be addressed by ongoing solicitation of sponsorship and fundraising events. Ten percent of all monies garnered will be retained consistently in the foundation's accounts and eventually a trust will be established. This trust is likely to provide educational scholarships in the near future.

JEP representative presents Cheque
Participant of the Summer Camp