The Professional Development Institute and Girl's Town

This institution is located within the inner city community of Maxfield Park. They train young adults to become proficient in: Cooking, Hospitality Management, Early Childhood Education and Cosmetology. The Cooking Department was out of operation because of the absence of a functioning stove. This resulted in numerous exam postponements and other complications as these students were not able to complete their programme. Jamaica Energy Partners was approached by the institute and offered to purchase a brand new stove valued at $226,789.51.

There were screams of excitement when they came to school the Monday morning and saw the stove, they had renewed hope. JEP was subsequently invited to dine with them as a way to show their appreciation. French and Chinese Cuisine were the items on the menu.

Stove replaced by JEP
Vulcan Stove bought for Institue
Director for Cooking Dept. and students
Presentation of cheque.