Scholarship Awardees for 2011

In 2010, we had admitted nine students into our scholarship programme; in 2011, a total of twenty-five new students were selected ranging from Secondary level education to Tertiary. JEP has adopted thirty-four admirable students who have performed outstanding whilst faced with financial hardship.

As part of our promise, once they have maintained an average of B+ at minimum, the scholarship will be extended to the following year. The names for the GSAT High Achievers were provided to us by the Ministry of Education Region 1 (West Kingston) and Region 6 (Old Harbour Bay) offices, who have promised to assist in any way that they can.

With expressed gratitude and tears of joy, JEP was commended by each recipient. They all vowed to continue to do well.

Scholarship Recipients and JEP Staff
GSAT High Achievers with Parents
Recipients and staff of JEP
Some of the 2011 recipients