Giblatore Primary School

The Company attended their Graduation Ceremony and presented them with a cheque valuing One Hundred and Seventy Thousand Dollars ($170,000.00) to assist with the maintenance and operation of the school. The top girl and top boy were also presented with a cheque valuing Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,000.00) each; in recognition for their outstanding achievements.

The smell of fresh paint still lingers in the air, JEP along with the residents of Giblatore participated in the refurbishing of the school for the new term. A well rounded school that produces high achievers each year is located in the hilly terrain of St. Catherine and is home to our star scholarship recipient Delano Mighty.

JEP Representative and Principal
Top Boy being presented with a cheque
Top Girl being presented with a cheque

Blackwood Gardens Basic School

Our school (JEP adopted this school in the year 2002) had their Children's Day Treat, compliments of Jamaica Energy Partners. The Community and Public Relations Officer was in attendance and gave the students the usual pep-talk in the importance of attending school and encouraged them to continue on their path of excellence.

Top Achievers at the Blackwood Gardens Basic School just before the Children's Day Treat
Community and Public Relations Officer with Top Achievers
CPR Officer and Principal of School with students

Jamaica Energy Partners endorses education

As such we created two distinguished scholarship funds. We have tailored a University Scholarship Fund that will benefit two students valued at One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Jamaican Dollars ($JD180, 000.00). The other is fund is in aid of Secondary Level Education at One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Jamaican Dollars ($JD150, 000.00) also for two students.

3PM Foundation

3PM International Foundation mission is to assist in community development through training and leadership projects, by way of exposing inner-cities and urban communities children to the Behaviour Modification, Training and Leadership Development Initiative Model.

What is also exceptional with this initiative is that not only do they seek to impact the children, but also teachers and child care givers by exposing them to core elements of behavioural therapy and behaviour modification techniques. They intend to sustain this programme through evaluation techniques, where the participant's information will be retained, charted, and evaluated for impact after which an Impact Assessment will be conducted. Financial Sustainability will be addressed by ongoing solicitation of sponsorship and fundraising events. Ten percent of all monies garnered will be retained consistently in the foundation's accounts and eventually a trust will be established. This trust is likely to provide educational scholarships in the near future.

JEP representative presents Cheque
Participant of the Summer Camp

Governor General Achievement Awards Ceremony (GGAA)

Delano Mighty, one of our current scholarship recipients was bestowed with this prestigious award in recognition for his exceptional academic performance. The award ceremony is geared towards the recognition of Jamaicans from humble beginnings who are high achievers. Delano received this award for the Parish of St. Catherine. He now attends the University of Technology where he is studying Chemical Engineering and currently holds a Grade Point Average of 3.82.

Plaque awarded
Delano Mighty

The Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) High Achievers Scholarship Awards Ceremony

This is the third year that the Company has embarked on this programme and is another avenue through which we endorse education in the country. Our donation of One Hundred and Eighty Thousand Dollars ($180,000.00) will assist twenty-eight high achievers from the Parish of St. Catherine with their preparation for Secondary level education. Amongst the attendees were: Members of Parliament Natalie Neita-Headley (the organizer of the event) and Ronald Thwaites, principals, parents, other sponsors and the awardees.

Presentation of Cheque to Member of Parliament
Head Table: MP- Mrs Headley; SDC Officer- Nadia Anderson; MP- Mr. Thwaites; JEP Rep- M. Newman

The Professional Development Institute and Girls' Town

This institution is located within the inner city community of Maxfield Park. They train young adults to become proficient in: Cooking, Hospitality Management, Early Childhood Education and Cosmetology. The Cooking Department was out of operation because of the absence of a functioning stove. This resulted in numerous exam postponements and other complications as these students were not able to complete their programme. Jamaica Energy Partners was approached by the institute and offered to purchase a brand new stove valued at $226,789.51.

There were screams of excitement when they came to school the Monday morning and saw the stove, they had renewed hope. JEP was subsequently invited to dine with them as a way to show their appreciation. French and Chinese Cuisine were the items on the menu.

Stove replaced by JEP
Vulcan Stove bought for Institue
Director for Cooking Dept. and students
Presentation of cheque.

Scholarship Awardees for 2011

In 2010, we had admitted nine students into our scholarship programme; in 2011, a total of twenty-five new students were selected ranging from Secondary level education to Tertiary. JEP has adopted thirty-four admirable students who have performed outstanding whilst faced with financial hardship.

As part of our promise, once they have maintained an average of B+ at minimum, the scholarship will be extended to the following year. The names for the GSAT High Achievers were provided to us by the Ministry of Education Region 1 (West Kingston) and Region 6 (Old Harbour Bay) offices, who have promised to assist in any way that they can.

With expressed gratitude and tears of joy, JEP was commended by each recipient. They all vowed to continue to do well.

Scholarship Recipients and JEP Staff
GSAT High Achievers with Parents
Recipients and staff of JEP
Some of the 2011 recipients

Blackwood Gardens Citizens Association and Parental Support Group

The Blackwood Garden Citizen Association and Parental Support Group have received a donation in effort to finance courses under the Caribbean Secondary Examinations Council (CSEC) for ten (10) students in the community. The Blackwood Gardens CXC Extension Classes aim to offer restored hope to students who have failed these examinations before and are willing to re-sit.

Leann Lewis was enrolled at the institution at age twelve where she sat the CSEC English Exam and received a distinction. She has sat three (3) others and was successful in each. Leann is now in the 9th Grade and is preparing to sit three (3) examinations this term.

JEP Recognizes Back To School

Back to School Packages

As a way to encourage students to start the new school term right, we have donated back to school packages for the Grade 6 students of the Old Harbour Bay Primary School and all children attending the Blackwood Gardens Basic School. We also recognised children in the West Kingston Community by providing similar package to the children attending basic schools in that community. The contents of the packages were packed in a back pack with the Company's Name and Logo to enhance our image as a facilitator which recognises the value of early childhood education.

CPR Officer and children of the Blackwood Gardens Basic School
Student of the Old Harbour Bay Primary

Laptop Donation- Ms. Sherita Lawrence

A student of the University of the West Indies from the Faculty of Social Sciences called upon the Company for a donation of a laptop to assist her in her studies. JEP donated a laptop, a mouse and a bag. She received the items gladly, and expressed gratitude for our assistance.

Sherita Lawrence receiving her laptop

Educational Assistance

For the month of November 2011, the Company has capitalized on the opportunity to assist three outstanding families. Firstly, Ms. Tsegay Morris, a determined and diligent young lady who resides in the Old Harbour Bay Community was given a second chance to go back to school. JEP has provided necessary literary materials so as to encourage her in her pursuit of becoming a nurse.

Assisting the Young

Ms. Dahlia McLean has written to the Company requesting assistance on behalf of her colleague who presently struggles with five (5) children. On hearing the family's plight, the company responded in a favourable way by assisting with purchasing of school items for all five. Rushell Lee, one of the five siblings has since expressed gratitude for the kind courtesy extended to them.

St. Jago Cathedral Prep

... has been renowned for being one of the most environmentally aware schools in Jamaica. They are currently on a drive to increase awareness in the wider community by educating in proper garbage disposal techniques. The Company contributed One Thousand Biodegradable Disposal Bags towards this venture.