Jamaica Energy Partners | Giving Back
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Giving Back

JEP and WKPP constantly seek new avenues to strengthen the social capital that exists within our communities. From educational scholarships to casual work programs, we boast a complete empowerment portfolio that provides numerous opportunities for human development.

Our CSR portfolio focuses on four main features: Education, Environment, Health and Sports.

Education and Skills Training

Each year, the company disburses millions of dollars in educational scholarships and grants to primary, secondary and tertiary level students. A GPA equivalent to a B+ is the minimum requirement for a revolving scholarship. 


Four persons are added to the tertiary program each year, with a further fifteen students matriculating to our secondary program. All our awardees hail from the parishes of St Catherine and Kingston (more specifically from Western Kingston). We are proud to say that quite a few of our recipients are now permanent employees, and have vowed to give back to the company as a symbol of gratitude and solidarity.


JEP/WKPP is also involved in infrastructural improvements and school feeding programs. To date, we have donated containers that have been retrofitted into classrooms and reading rooms at various primary schools. We have restored an entire building at the St. Catherine High School and have taken on the responsibility of sponsoring breakfast programs at two basic schools in Old Harbour Bay and Tivoli Gardens.


We firmly believe that an educated nation makes well for any country. As such, for those whom we have missed through our scholarship programme, we have created avenues for our youngsters to better educate themselves and gain employment in the marketplace. We do this by way of partnerships with institutions such as the Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning, HEART Trust/NTA and the Institute of International Recognized Qualifications.


JEP and WKPP have a deep commitment towards environmental preservation. To this end, we are not only compliant with both local and international standards, but recognise a need for environmental initiatives as well as the growth of our environmental partners. Members of our company currently sit on the boards of several non-governmental organisations, including the Jamaica Environment Trust, Montego Bay Marine Park and the Jamaica Conservation Development Trust. We are strong advocates of environmental sustainability, which we emphasise by participating in events such as International Coastal Clean-up Day, National Tree Planting Day and the Schools’ Environmental Programme. To date, JEP has planted over 400 trees in the Blue and John Crow Mountains.


JEP and WKPP have a social responsibility to the residents of our communities by planning and executing Health and Dental Fairs to ensure a healthy community, in which most of our employees reside. We, with our partners, continually support the Health sector by making donations to institutions such as Spanish Town Hospital, National Chest Hospital, Kingston Public Hospital and the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in the form of life-saving and diagnostic equipment.


Our involvement in sports initiatives promotes unity in our communities. This also serves to encourage a culture of discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork, all of which we believe are critical to individual development. The Jamaica Energy Partners’ Cricket Competition, for example, has been around since 1995 and has developed talented individuals such as Shakar Thomas, Tamar Lambert, Andre Russell and Nkrumah Bonner, all of whom have been successful in representing the country and region competitively.


We believe in our communities, and we will continue to arm them with the requisite skills for them to provide for themselves and their families.

JEP and WKPP Scholarships

Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) and West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP) recognise the need for academic advancement in order to foster economic development in Jamaica. The companies remain committed to laying the building blocks for academic success in the parish of St Catherine and in the West Kingston division, in which they operate. To this end, each company awards two (2) scholarships each academic year to cover tuition, books and material.


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