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On November 22nd, JEP hosted their annual Blood Drive! The aim of the drive was to encourage JEP staff members and the public to be active blood donors. Persons in good health can donate blood every three months and every time you donate you can save the lives of three people! Be a Hero, Donate blood today!

Residents from the Fletcher's Land community were offered free dental examinations, cleaning and extractions at the WKPP Dental Fair held in November.

On Thursday, November 10th, The Jamaica Energy Partners provided residents from the Old Harbour Bay Community with free dental examinations, extractions and cleaning. During the lunch hour, JEP visited the Blackwood Gardens Basic School in the community to donate stationary supplies to the infants.

On Saturday, October 8th, the Jamaica Energy Partners and West Kingston Power Partners, planted over 200 seedlings at the Hollywell Recreational Park for National Tree Planting Day. We currently have over four hundred healthy, native plants at the park, that help to sustain the watershed in the Blue and John Crow Mountains as well as to enhance the quality air we breathe. Incidentally, our reforestation programme also provides employment for the farmers in the community, as we provide income to them for plant maintenance. Thanks to everyone who assisted in making our planet healthy and sustainable! See you again next year!