Jamaica Energy Partners | Wayne McKenzie
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Wayne McKenzie

Wayne McKenzie

Wayne McKenzie has over 20 years’ experience in the energy sector with extensive knowledge of project development and management. Wayne holds a Master of Business Administration Degree and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (Hons).


  • Portfolio Composition:
  • Oversight of the daily operations of the entity;
  • Chief Negotiator;
  • Developing and maintaining partnership with JPS;
  • Forming strategic alliance with global and local power market shareholders;
  • Networking with Government Agencies;
  • Securing Finance

Formerly serving as a Planning Engineer at JPS from 1990 to 1996, Wayne McKenzie serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Jamaica Energy Partners (JEP) and its affiliate company West Kingston Power Partners (WKPP). He joined Jamaica Energy Partners in 1996 as Chief Project Engineer and was appointed General Manager in 2000. Under his stewardship, the Company’s operating asset Doctor Bird Power Station transitioned from being operated by a foreign-owned entity to self-operation in September 2002. In 2006, JEP grew from one 74 MW power barge to two power barges, adding an additional 50 MW of energy to the national grid. This represented a 67% growth in the Company’s generating capacity. In the capacity of a negotiator, he was the lead architect in convincing Caribbean lenders to provide 100% financing of the expansion, at a cost of US$78 Million, refinancing the existing debt and extending the tenure of the loan to fifteen (15) years. The company grew from 74 employees to 121 employees, also increasing asset value and profitability.

Wayne is the Chairman of the Board of Jamaica Maritime Institute Trust, and Director on the Boards of Jamaica Environment Trust, Jamaica Conservation Development Trust, and the American Chamber of Commerce. He is a former member of the consultative group of advisers on least cost strategies for Jamaica.