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Our Mission

We commit to producing energy in the most cost-efficient manner and the highest standard of service to our customers, ensuring delivery in a safe and environmentally-responsible manner. We are ready to supply Jamaica’s growing energy needs, utilizing the competencies of our staff and fellow citizens. We pride ourselves in being good corporate citizens, fully engaged in community development by way of partnerships through education, sports and health initiatives.

Our Vision

To be the number one energy solutions provider in the Caribbean, ensuring exceptional services and value to our customers, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Latest News

  • October was indeed a busy and exciting month for the JEP/WKPP Corporate Social Responsibility Team. Just in case you missed the highlights from

  • “The worst thing is to be born sighted, but lack vision.”- Helen Keller These words are inscribed on the walls of the Jamaica Society for the Bl

  • On Friday, October 19, 2018, JEP, in association with our international partner Wartsila, launched Jamaica’s first ever Seabin at the Montego Ba